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Arakasi a terminé sa nouvelle fic sur les Mousquetaires, et sans surprise elle est vachement bien (et délicieusement écrite, mais ça aussi c'est sans surprise. :D)

Les péchés des hommes vertueux (28270 words) by Arakasi
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: The Musketeers (2014)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Athos, Porthos du Vallon, Aramis, d'Artagnan, Constance Bonacieux

Milady de Winter est morte. Définitivement, cette fois. Elle laisse derrière elle un présent ambigu. Fanfic se déroulant après la fin de la saison 2.

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Podcast rec : Le Seigneur des anneaux

Mes Chers Amis,
Mes chers Sacquet et Bophin, et mes chers Touque et Brandebouc, Fouille, Boulot, Fouine, Sonnecor, Bolger, Sanglebac, Bravet, Trougrisard et Fierpied, j'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que samedi dernier j'étais au micro du podcast "On n'est pas trop Vieux pour ces Conneries" en la compagnie admirable de gens que j'aime et estime : on a discuté du Seigneur des Anneaux (les livres seulement) en long en large et en travers... et c'était très fun ! :)

(Même si en une heure c'est dur d'être exhaustifs et qu'on a probablement mentionné Frodon, Sam et quelques autres persos à moitié moins qu'ils le méritaient. :D )
Enjoy !

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Last year I tried my hand I writing fics in English: a few time directly to English for various fan projects and exchanges, but also translating recent or older stories and I discovered I enjoyed it, so I decided to translate some more stuff this year.
I have been unable to find the inspiration or energy to write new things since the beginning of the year, but translation in a different beast and I find it flexes different muscles... So I went for it and with the help of Sunlit Stone who betaed, I translated a favourite fic of mine, Les aventures de Tribble #5765, a Star Trek AOS fic told from the point of view of the tribble Bones used as a guinea pig for Kahn's blood before resurrecting Kirk with it. :)
And here it is!

The Adventures Of Tribble #5765 (2797 words) by Jainas-in-English
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James T. Kirk & Spock, James T. Kirk & Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Characters: Nyota Uhura, James T. Kirk, Spock (Star Trek), Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Original Tribble Character
Additional Tags: Tribbles (Star Trek), Post-Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fluff and Crack, Cuddling & Snuggling, POV Outsider, Friendship, Pets, Humor
Summary: “Petting the tribble in order to make it purr for a therapeutic purpose is absolutely logical, Captain.”
(Or: how Tribble #5765 became the most famous tribble of the galaxy.)
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Lastman : L'Artiste et l'argile

Ma contribution au récent kink-meme. Attention aux tags.
Autant je bloque sur tout le reste, autant ce prompt est sorti comme une flèche. Le sens moral de ma muse laisse à désirer. :D

L'Artiste et l'argile (964 words) by Jainas
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Lastman (Cartoon)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Richard Aldana/Kaiser Stark | Gobniu
Characters: Richard Aldana, Kaiser Stark | Gobniu
Additional Tags: Kink Meme, Tentacle Sex, Episode Tag, Rape/Non-con Elements, Art, Français | French, Mind Manipulation

Une fois débarrassé de ses invités Kaiser presse le pas vers l’atelier où il a laissé le boxeur, le retrouve, tremblant et hébété, agenouillé au pied de la toile humaine dont il est parvenu à s'extraire... Ho, un défi... Le frisson d'anticipation est d'autant plus délicieux qu'il est rare, et Kaiser se transforme sans hésiter, à demi. Enroule ses membres souples et chauds autour de l'humain qui se débat faiblement, le porte jusqu'à lui.

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Hannibal: Ravage Kickstarter is live

I wrote and drew for Ravage, the Hannibal fan anthology exploring the circles of Dante's Inferno... And now the kickstarter for the book is live and has been funded in 5 hours! It looks like the Hannibal fandom is still living and thriving!:)
The book will be hardcover and over 400 pages... And I must say it looks very good! I love the black edge coloring. :) I can't wait to have it and to discover all the fanart and fanfic the 115 other contributors have created for this project.
I also learned totay that all the fics in the anthlogy will be pocficced, which is a wonderfull surprise.<3


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[Unknown LJ tag] posted: Signal Boost bookmarklet with user name tags for more sites
I made a fork/update to </a></b></a>melannen's fork of </a></b></a>astolat's signal boost bookmarklet, which adds user name tags for more of the sites recognized by the DW user tag. I also made small changes to the text generated by the bookmarklet.

Four udpate by various people later, the booklet that let's you select a quote from anywhere on the web and instantly create a Signal-boost DW post linkling back to it is now highly fuctionnal and the latest update seems to have fixed the issue I had with the post generated tittle. \o/
This post have been created with the latest version. :)

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WIP list

I used [personal profile] melannen 's super useful sorting algorithm to work out which WIP I should focus on first, based on a totally subjectif mix of how interested I am in writting them at the time, and how close they are from actually finished.

1. Batman Lignes de failles : 21.5
2. Dresden Files Laffaire Lady Marcone : 21
3. trad ST Tribble : 21
4. Venom Sextoys : 20.5
5. Hannibal Suite Ukrainienne : 13
6. Batman Double trouble : 12.5
7. Batman Trending GothamCapes : 11.5
8. Bat/Sup Kryptonite kink : 11.5
9. Hannibal Talion : 9.5
10. Naruto Sasu/Naru : 5.5
11. Sherlock Les bbs nageurs : 3.5
12. Batman Oleum et Operam chapitre 11 : 3
13. Batman Avalanche : 2

Some comments:
- Avalanche is so low only because Lignes de Failles stole all its sub!Bruce thunder. :D
- I only started translating the tribble story yesterday after mailing [personal profile] sunlit_stone that I had a vague idea of doing it, but I'm already halfway through. :)
- I really need to start working on the Venom plot-bunny 
- The Dresden File fic is still far from done, so even if I keep focused on it, I know I'll work on many other fics on the side before it's done.
- I really love my Calvin icon. :D</user> This entry was originally posted at https://jainas.dreamwidth.org/219256.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

[personal profile] stitchmediamix posted: Queer-Coding, Bad-Bat-Takes, And Why The Joker Isn’t That Important to Batman

The comics industry loves villains that appear to be moral Mirrorverse images of their biggest and best heroes. It makes sense with many other hero-villain set ups (like Superman and Lex Luthor, Hal Jordan and Sinestro), and can be used to set up dynamic and intricate plot points that are just part of the tense relations between the characters who seem to be direct opposites of one another.

The difference between the aforementioned hero-villain relationships is that these heroes and villains aren’t set up to owe their existence to their foes in the same way that comic pros and fans insist the Joker and Batman owe one another.

Even with some serious retconning and rewriting on the part of DC’s many writers over my lifetime, it’s a theory that still doesn’t work for the Joker and Batman because they don’t need each other.

A very interesting article on the unbalanced relationship between Batman and the Joker, that also dig deeper in the way the queercoding of the Joker is usually framed. (Aka "The Joker is never seen as more terrifying a figure to Batman and his readers than when he is visibly and aggressively queer.".) Lots of interesting points in there and plenty of food for thoughts given that I still kind of lowkey ship-them and even wrote them once or twice... though not quite in this dynamic of course.

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Signal Boost: [Podcast] Be The Serpent

[profile] betheserpent posted: Be the Serpent

Episode 26: Alien Fucking, or Where There’s a Will, There’s A Way


Another great episode, totally relevant to my interests. :D
Once more really intersting points and relevant literary references. :)

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[personal profile] andersandrew posted: Kink Meme, c'est ici !!!! - Bure, bure, bure


Des gens postent en commentaire de ce post de sympathiques prompts bieeeeen kinky, et d'autres gens y répondent (fics ou fanarts)

This kink meme is english friendly !


Il commence à y avoir de quoi faire en prompts... même si vous pouvez toujours en rajouter dans vos fandoms.
Maintenant à vos claviers ! :D This entry was originally posted at https://jainas.dreamwidth.org/218571.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

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