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WIP list

I used [personal profile] melannen 's super useful sorting algorithm to work out which WIP I should focus on first, based on a totally subjectif mix of how interested I am in writting them at the time, and how close they are from actually finished.

1. Batman Lignes de failles : 21.5
2. Dresden Files Laffaire Lady Marcone : 21
3. trad ST Tribble : 21
4. Venom Sextoys : 20.5
5. Hannibal Suite Ukrainienne : 13
6. Batman Double trouble : 12.5
7. Batman Trending GothamCapes : 11.5
8. Bat/Sup Kryptonite kink : 11.5
9. Hannibal Talion : 9.5
10. Naruto Sasu/Naru : 5.5
11. Sherlock Les bbs nageurs : 3.5
12. Batman Oleum et Operam chapitre 11 : 3
13. Batman Avalanche : 2

Some comments:
- Avalanche is so low only because Lignes de Failles stole all its sub!Bruce thunder. :D
- I only started translating the tribble story yesterday after mailing [personal profile] sunlit_stone that I had a vague idea of doing it, but I'm already halfway through. :)
- I really need to start working on the Venom plot-bunny 
- The Dresden File fic is still far from done, so even if I keep focused on it, I know I'll work on many other fics on the side before it's done.
- I really love my Calvin icon. :D</user> This entry was originally posted at https://jainas.dreamwidth.org/219256.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

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